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Inside Out Stamp: Bing Bong by TMNT-Raph-fan~Inside Out fan stamp by JackFrostOverland~Inside and Out by mylastel
Greetings! I am Imaginative-Light77 who also plays WDisneyRP-Quasi, the hero of Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame for this community.

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Bing Bong is an imaginary friend born from the mind of a 3 year old child named Riley Andersen. He is an essence of goodness, innocence and is made to have fun and be there for you! When this child had grown however, she had forgotten him which made him quite obsolete in her mind, practically ignored for years on. He had faded from her memory when she was near 12 years old, after a harsh change in her life. Even though he had faded from the memory of the child who thought him up, something magical kept him going. He's made from imagination and he lives in it, even though he may not realize it and could be experienced, especially by children. Now in a new world (made up of Dreams and Imagination), he still remembers Riley well but accepts the fact that she would never remember him. Yet sometimes, he's too hopeful of seeing her again, which is an almost impossible thing now.

Hey, I'm imaginary! Who needs it!

He is only purity and goodness. He is meant to be a good friend and a comfort, nothing else shall sway him away from that.

Jovial, naive, childish, chatty, loud, illiterate, sentimental, nostalgic, helpful and kind. Doesn't think about himself. A little jumpy but playful.

Has a bottomless bag that can fit almost anything! Also...?

:bulletblue:He has a special song to power his Rocket!

:bulletblue: Being of Imagination, he's able to understand Never Fairies ~ ❤

Sentimental about Riley and dreams to see her again. Used to collect choice memories he thought Riley would want to remember, and also to spare them from being forgotten.

Being forgotten entirely. The very place where all memories go to fade off to nothing. He wonders if that can still happen now. The dark.

Naive and gets distracted easily, especially by fun or pretty things.
Scared of the dark. He fiddles out of nervousness and stumbles over his words. Can sometimes not understand how severe a situation is. Created by a toddler, he cannot read a single thing or write. He has the mind and spirit of a child, so some things would prove to be more difficult for him to understand.

Imaginative Companions
She is nothing but fun! I dunno what else we can do! We can go on forever!

A sweet girl. Very sweet. She might help me find Riley, if that can happen... It's good to hope, right?


Oh, she and I were best friends, and we always used to play in my rocket... We would fly to the moon! But... I don't think she would remember me anytime soon.... She needs to have Joy... I was just...weighing her down. I miss her... :'(

I ran away from her! Thought I was in trouble for the memories in my bag. I realized who she was! She was Riley's happiness! So I had to help her get back.... I'd do anything for Riley.

I like her... She may be blue and sad but she's very helpful.
She helped me feel better about Preschool World a-and my Rocket... Kinda helped me get back on track. Thank you for listening...

When I saw her, I didn't know what she was until she started talkin'! She's the greatest! Ya know, she kinda reminds me of Joy and she makes me feel so happy. She does wonderful things with water! You all should meet her!

Dogs don't like me very much and I was scared and climbed a tree to hide. This kid was very nice to make it stop, otherwise I'd be missin' a tail!

I kinda thought he was another clown at first! But he's really quite smart. Even smarter than an elephant like me. Lot of things he says make me think real hard....

Unknown to the Imaginary, that this was someone truly dark and proud and Bing Bong was too innocent to fully realize. Yet he did have an inkling that something was off about this man.

Please, stay away! ;~;
Jangles the Clown
Caught him when he was thrown into Riley's Subconcious. Riley is scared of clowns and so is he!
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WDisneyRP-BingBong's Profile Picture
The Imaginary
ID Artwork done by Imaginative-Light77
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'I'm Bing Bong! I'm mostly made of cotton candy... But Shape Wise, I'm part cat! Part Elephant... part dolphin!'

Who's your friend who likes to play?
Bing Bong, Bing Bong!
His rocket makes you yell "Hooray!"
Bing Bong, Bing Bong
Who's the best in every way, and wants to sing this song to say!
Bing Bong, Bing Bong!

Characters that this pink fluff is like?

Perhaps he's inspired partially by the Pink Elephants from Disney's Dumbo. He is lot like Happy, one of the Seven Dwarfs from Disney's Snow White. Perhaps alike with Figment, as both of them are both Imaginary beings who bring joy and learning to others.

Trivia Time!

He is made mostly of Cotton Candy! Because, Directer Pete Docter likes cotton candy :meow:

Bing Bong's Cat Tail is loosely based off of the Cheshire Cat's :D

The voice who portrayed Bing Bong, Richard Kind had cried while speaking the line 'Take her to the moon for me, okay?'

Richard Kind is a nostalgic Disney fan like this Mun is! :squee: His favorite film being Sword in the Stone.

In production, Bing Bong wasn't gonna be the only Imaginary Friend, but there were many considered, but Pixar just condensed it all to just our Bing Bong.
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